RoboPods are high-quality RoboVM code modules and bindings for the most popular 3rd party services like social media integration, ad networks or crash reporting. Currently these are iOS only but we are working hard to provide cross-platform solutions to your most favorite app services.


A RoboPod comes in form of a simple JAR file published via Maven Central so you can easily integrate it via Maven or Gradle. Just add a depencency to your maven or gradle files and you are ready to go!

For example, if you want to integrate Facebook in your iOS project, just add the following


to your build.gradle:

dependencies {
   ... other dependencies ...
   compile "org.robovm:robopods-facebook-ios:1.6.0"


to your pom.xml:


List of available RoboPods for iOS

Name Version Dependency
Bolts 1.1.5 org.robovm:robopods-bolts-ios:1.6.0
Chartboost 5.5.0 org.robovm:robopods-chartboost-ios:1.6.0
Facebook 4.3.0 org.robovm:robopods-facebook-ios:1.6.0
Flurry 6.6.0 org.robovm:robopods-flurry-ios:1.6.0
Google Analytics 3.12 org.robovm:robopods-google-analytics-ios:1.6.0
Google APIs org.robovm:robopods-google-apis-ios:1.6.0
Google Mobile Ads 7.3.1 org.robovm:robopods-google-mobile-ads-ios:1.6.0
Google Play Games 1.4.1 org.robovm:robopods-google-play-games-ios:1.6.0
Parse 1.7.4 org.robovm:robopods-parse-ios:1.6.0

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