MobiDevelop's RoboVM Fork

This is a fork of RoboVM, an ahead-of-time compiler for JVM bytecode to x86, x86_64, thumbv7 and ARM64 machine code, on Linux, Mac OS X and iOS. RoboVM allows you to create native iOS apps with your favorite JVM language, including Java bindings for Objective-C APIs.

This fork is based on the last open-source version of RoboVM.

Download & Installation

RoboVM provides plugins for IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio, Eclipse and Gradle. We provide both release and nightly snapshot builds. To install the RoboVM plugin for IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio:
  1. Install Xcode on Mac OS X, open it once and agree to the license
  2. Download the RoboVM IntelliJ IDEA plugin Jar
  3. Open IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio, go to Preferences -> Plugins
  4. Click Install plugin from disk...
  5. Select the Jar you downloaded and re-start IntelliJ IDEA/Android Studio
To install the RoboVM plugin for Eclipse:
  1. Install Xcode on Mac OS X, open it once and agree to the license
  2. Open Eclipse, go to Help -> Install New Software...
  3. Click Add... and enter the update URL from above
  4. Select RoboVM for Eclipse and finish the installation

To use the RoboVM plugin via Gradle, follow the README in the repository.

The Maven artifact coordinates have been changed to groupId com.mobidevelop.robovm instead of org.robovm. The artifactIds stay the same. The version has been bumped to +2.0.0(-SNAPSHOT) as to not be confused with the original RoboVM versioning scheme. If you have an existing application, you can simply change the groupId for plugin and dependency references in your Gradle or Maven build.


See the old official documentation or the wiki (WIP).

Key Features


Connect with like-minded people in the official Gitter room

Discussions should be submitted as pull requests or issue reports on the GitHub repository

Source Code & Contributing

Contribute to the fork on Github.

Contributions to the runtime code (Java class libraries, iOS bindings, native code, ...) must be licensed under Apache 2. Contributions to any other parts must be licensed under GPLv3.